Horsehide holsters

Horsehide holsters


Old-World quality with 5 year warranty. In the gallery above, we’ve taken the liberty of rounding up some of the best Springfield XDE holsters out there right now. They are easy to hide and very comfortable. HAWG Holsters - Custom Kydex IWB Holsters and Custom Kydex Knife Sheaths Handmade in America. Our custom leather concealed carry gun belts don't stretch or sag and will take an amazing amount of abuse and still look good! I make holsters almost exclusively in horsehide. org is an on-line sales site for HORSESHOE LEATHER PRODUCTS concealed and concealment holsters, civilian holsters, IDPA holsters, CCW holsters and magazine carriers for handguns and pistols. All Exodus Gunleather products are hand made in the USA, from the finest leathers.

I use it mostly with dress suit pants or khakis, not with jeans. Bear Creek Holsters offers the heirloom quality Concealed Caddy ®. The horsehide wears better with use than the cowhide and doesn't stink when it is sweaty from your body. Foxx Holsters is a vendor on here with an IWB I would recommend. The mailman delivered a package today and inside was a Bear Creek Holsters, lefty front pocket holster for my Seecamp. holsters.

Those values are why Galco Gunleather is the ideal site to shop for an incredible variety of leather gun holsters, ammo carriers, and other gun leather accessories! We carry a vast array of leather gun holsters, made for many different makes and models of guns as well as several different carry methods. Right-hand and left-hand models available, but stock may vary. Enough of the magazine is exposed above the pouch to facilitate a fast, smooth draw. The Galco Font Pocket Horsehide retails for $65. As I think I've posted in other threads, I have over a decade of service from a double thick 1 1/2 inch belt that was horribly abused. Not only is the handgun completely covered and concealed, but the gun carrier can casually place a hand on the holstered/pocketed pistol if a nonspecific threat materializes – and the fastest draw is to have the gun already in hand.

Their double clip holster can be carried either way. Order custom or shop online. A handgun holster is a device used to hold or restrict the undesired movement of a handgun, most commonly in a location where it can be easily withdrawn for immediate use. No snaps, rivets, or metal on the inside, so your This is a very popular tip on how to concealed carry in the summer. Most holster makers have the option to upgrade to horsehide for an additional cost, but we make it a standard. Finest leather holsters available anywhere! From best quality cowhide to exotics such as shark, crocodile & more.

horsehide and . C. theshootingshow 15,013,244 views Hip holsters are by far the most popular way to carry. Their cant/rake does not work for me. U. If I can get my hands on enough horsehide nice enough for a Hopp Custom holster, I may add it as an option.

The MaxTuck Holster by White Hat Holsters has interchangeable Kydex Scabbards and comes in a variety of kydex colors, patterns, and leather finishes, including Horsehide in Natural Tan, Black, and Antiques. This holster is designed to be carried in the front pocket, or a cargo pocket. I specialize in inside-the-waistband (IWB) holsters for classic guns. The screw used to attach the retention strap to the holster is actually part of the snap. Yes, you can purchase popular gun model holsters NOW without waiting for delivery time. Check our range of thumb break holsters, 1911 holster, Ankle Holster and more.

Because of the moisture resistance of horsehide it will hold up to perspiration a little better than the steer hide. They Have adjustable retention whether you carry IWB or OWB. Hip holsters are by far the most popular way to carry. cowhide. Leather versions are available in black. Please allow 1-2 weeks lead time for "Special Fit" elastic holsters.

The belt clips are metal and fastened with a stainless screw and finish washer. I also prefer Kramer holsters to Milt Sparks. The shape helps keep the holster in your pocket when drawing your firearm. Bought this a few years ago, and just don't use it often enough, so it's time for this great holster to find a new home. SIG SAUER has collaborated with Black Point Tactical to offer a high quality IWB holster option for shooters. LIMITED TIME deal on Galco Front Pocket Horsehide Holster Ambidextrous - Nat PH460 at Dvor.

4. Hybrid holsters have become hugely popular in the last few years. Anybody interested in CCW needs this book! Great advice on the best concealed carry gear, clothing, and how to understand related handgun laws & regulations. Check back often as new items are being added weekly. StealthGearUSA manufactures and designs the most comfortable and breathable concealed carry holsters on the market today. The density and non-porous nature of horsehide which makes it such a durable leather, is also the reason that horsehide You can custom order many Rocky River Leather holsters and gun accessories right from our web site.

We took a little tour and met the craftsmen and team that runs the engine that is one of this country’s finest holster makers. These sell north of $145 new, this holster is yours for $90. MTR Custom Leather LLC has provided high quality leather holsters and gun accessories to the public since 2009. 33 Crossbreed Holsters coupons now on RetailMeNot. I also have a recluse holster for a Smith & Wesson J-frame, and it works just as well. I have two Crossbreed holsters, a Supertuck and a Minituck.

Horsehide is limited in length. Theis Holsters are handcrafted in my small one man shop in Arkansas. Behind the belt clip is a leather spacer to allow for tucking in a shirt. Bear Creek Holsters is proud to annouce our online store. Designed for weak side, vertical carry of the magazine, with facing forward. There are cheaper ways to do it, but not here at Lobo Gun Leather.

I had two in rotation day to day in the summer months trying to let one dry out some. All of the mouth-bands and thumb-break reinforcements on my holsters are hard-rolled horsehide, the front piece of all my Sneaky Pete pocket holsters is hard-rolled horsehide, and all of the straps and loops on any of my holsters are soft-rolled horsehide. 06 Kydex. Like the other holsters here, the Recluse holster and gun combo drops into your pocket. Here is a quick video that briefly describes the differences in our various leather selections. Is horsehide really better for holster making than cowhide? Horsehide is an extremely dense, non-porous leather.

Our open top holsters offer very good retention but if there are times when you feel additional retention may be a good idea, this is a solution that requires very little modification to the holster. The Finished Antique horsehide pieces that we offer have a unique grain pattern and coloration, making each one an individual. Neat Nagants in equally interesting shoulder IWB holsters come with 1. Holsters are built from premium 5 to 7 ounce horsehide and high-quality Kydex® thermoplastic, all with top-grade fasteners. Available for our top firearms such as, Sig P365, Glock 43, Glock 19, 1911, Kimber Micro 9, and many more. In the beginning, Kramer only saw moderate success, networking and selling to local police officers.

<p>Sun Kramer, owner of Kramer Handgun Leather, founded his handgun holster business in 1983. The famed gunleather mark Berns-Martin was created in 1932, disappeared in the 1970s, and begins anew in the 21st century under Red Nichols' stewardship with his range of 'In-Bond' shoulder holsters. PH Concealment Holster-The Pocket Holster is constructed of premium horsehide and is ideal for carrying small semi-automatics and revolvers in your front pants pocket or jacket pocket. It is well constructed and lined with soft vegetable tanned leather. ( Circumstances prevent proving, so take it or not). The Kramer horsehide products are, IMHO, the best value readily available gun leather products on the market.

Smooth interior is kind to the finish of the handgun. C. Kramer Leather Iwb 2 -custom Horsehide Holster- Fits Beretta 92-fs Centurion. The cowhide I use has a very tight grain and forms nice and rigid. Each one of these leathers has its advantages and disadvantages. their horsehide holsters are not as detail molded as similar cowhide models from Sparks, Rosen, or Alessi.

Never worked and both holsters were constantly wet. theis holster glock 27 photo of set model, Act II Sc 1 Thesis paragraph layout. Handmade Holsters by Ed Buffaloe. This holster sits on the side or over the back pocket. Black Hills Leather has great collection of Leather Thumb Break Holster. Pocket Holsters.

I firmly believe in teaching them the importance of quality American made products and providing excellent customer service. Hand dyed Black, Brown, Cordovan (reddish brown), and Black Cherry (dark brown with slight red tint) Un-dyed horsehide liner. Holsters are often attached to a belt or waistband, but they may be attached to other locations of the body (e. Both of my holsters are horsehide and I am very happy with them. Belly holsters are also known as "appendix holsters". Horsehide will be stiffer and more moisture resistant.

Shop now to find your holster. Whether going with leather or horsehide the holsters are molded and saddle stitched by hand for long term durability. Home page. From High Noon Holsters, I have a Speedy Spanky paddle holster and a Double Take magazine holster. com. 5" heavy duty powder coated metal belt clips to hold your holster firmly in place.

· Special individual care is given to each holster, being sure to provide the customer with not only a supremely functional holster, but an individual work of art. Superior in construction to any similar product on the market, the Stylemaster is made to be worn high up under the armpit, eliminating the need for ineffective tiedowns. "Should I have cowhide or horsehide?" This is the question I'm sometimes asked by customers wanting to order gunleather. Please allow 2-3 week lead time as they are custom made. I received my Recluse holster for my Ruger LCR revolver. This premium horsehide pocket holster is designed for front pocket carry in pants or a jacket.

This is hardly surprising. No wonder hybrid holsters for concealed carry are so popular. CrossBreed® Holsters makes the finest concealed carry holsters in America. These holsters are made of the finest high quality horsehide leather with heavy-duty stitching for durability and long life. 99. After alot of research I believe that I am going to go with the CB IWB Supertuck.

This nickle magazine with Ergonomic Rest fits Walther PPK 380 firearms that are chambered in 380 ACP. Items in this section include IWB or OWB concealed carry bridle leather or bullhide gunbelts, IWB or OWB concealed carry bridle leather, horsehide, or bullhide holsters, magazine holders of bullhide or bridle leather, and western holsters. Hardly surprising, given that it's difficult to pick up a publication these days that doesn't contain an article by some expert or gun guru telling us how wonderful horsehide is, how superior it is to cowhide, or how anyone worth his salt shouldn't be seen dead (no pun Contact Kramer Leather for Gun Holsters, Handgun Holsters, Custom Gun Holster Leather, Gun Leather, Custom Gun Holsters and much more! #1 in Horsehide Leather Gun Holsters - KRAMER® KRAMER® Handgun Horsehide Leather Holsters has become the choice of the Armed Professionals. Luxurious horsehide providers a long-lasting rough out surface for this pocket holster. The TheisHolsters Difference. JRC Holsters is a custom, one man shop.

The horsehide is great for hot or humid areas. Leather holster bodies are made of thin, water-repellent horsehide and use a pull-through retention snap design. 95. 5". Desantis Holster is an online store for inside the waistband holsters, pistol holsters, Taurus, pistol, pancake holsters, holsters for springfield XD, walther, handgun, GLOCK IWB, GLOCK 22 and leather holsters for 1911. Horsehide has a tighter grain than cowhide and is therefore more resistant to water and sweat.

The Bear Creek Holster for the Seecamp is right-handed (as shown). I'm not sure if they offer horsehide or not though. Well I ordered a cow hide holster from Photo Gallery: Crossbreed Holsters Tour. This is in contrast to most leather holsters which have a tendency to retain moisture thus creating drag and causing the gun to stick. If you have any other questions, please head over to crossbreedholsters. P.

Unless otherwise noted for a specific item, we use top-quality vegetable tanned cowhide of weights appropriate for each design. he made holsters out of Official source for BLACKHAWK® concealment holsters. A lot of people rotate carry guns, finding there is one that carries very well at some times but not so much in others. All of my Horsehide holsters are individually crafted one at a time, to order. I ordered an horsehide Inside the Waist Band #3 for my Sig Sauer P229 and it fits like a glove. Kramer Leather holster for Browning High Power Horsehide Leather Field/Hunting Holster Hunting Gun Holsters.

Most days you will find one of my grandchildren Jake or Kera in the shop helping their papa. Leather is the oldest material from which gun holsters were made. We offer the highest quality personal defense horsehide concealment holsters and accessories for all CZ pistol models as well as for most popular current and time-honoured pistols and revolvers. Therefore, horsehide does offer a little smoother draw than cowhide. The Stylemaster™ is our new shoulder rig. Shop with confidence.

R. Kramer horsehide holsters are more glossy (prettier, IMO) than Kramer's cowhide counterparts. Generally speaking horse leather will be more wear resistant and last longer, it's the reason most Milt Sparks Holsters have horsehide on the body side of the holster. Known then as "The Famous Jackass Leather Company," Gallagher specialized in holsters constructed of horsehide. The 1941 was acquired during the cold war in a quiet purchase in Washington D. Horsehide is so hard that the thread sits on the surface of the holster where it is easily damaged.

In general, horsehide is inferior to cowhide in most areas. We will then check to see if we have a piece long enough for your belt. We have molded and non-molded belt holsters in our collection with several color selections. Galco Front Pocket Horsehide Holster Ambidextrous - Nat PH460 on sale and available from our online store. Horsehide would cost an additional $50, but it's worth it if you want to carry your weapon in style. OHC holsters are made using 7-9 oz.

It was expected to take 6-7 weeks for delivery, but it Garrett Industries developed the process for permanently lining Kydex holsters with leather and we are now in our eleventh year of producing custom Silent Thunder Holsters. The cowhide holsters look cheap in my opinion because of the glossy black color. Cowhide will not stand up this kind of use. On the inside the leather is molded around the muzzle & trigger guard to provide stability for the handgun while holstered. 1. When a belt holster is not an option, pocket carry is a great choice for smaller semi-autos.

The designs are solid and well executed. CrossBreed’s® Premium Hard Rolled Cowhide is available in a light tan color and is a great alternative when our horsehide is not available. . Recluse Holsters offers a one-sided (OS) holster and a two-sided (TS) holster. I prefer a nylon instructor belt like a 511 or Wilderness operator belt. Thanks for such a great product.

Indexing of the mag during the draw is accomplished by placing the index finger along the un-stitched edge of the pouch Hi, I just wanted to post up some of my recent work for customers(and a couple for myself) Most of my holsters are Horsehide and some have Shark trim. The cant and ride height of your weapon is fully adjustable. Bear Creek Holsters expected delivery time is approximately 1-2 weeks! High Noon Holsters is a West Central Florida maker of custom cowhide and horsehide gun holsters. The Old School range from Red Nichols is an intersection of four thoughts: accommodating the old school all-metal pistols of the 20th century, resurrecting the 1960s styling of Seventrees NYC, using the traditional horsehide of Paris' era -- and a re-birth of the Berns-Martin branding that originated in the 1930s. I saw the High Noon Holsters Side Effect hanging on a rack in the LGS. I also make a few IWB holsters for common concealed carry pistols and revolvers, and a few pancake holsters for very small guns.

Recluse Two-Sided. Premium Horsehide A friend had a horsehide IWB holster and complained that it felt like a brick in his waistband. The guns and shoulder holsters came together. For more information about the Springfield XDE holsters featured in the gallery above, please visit the following sites. The Quick Ship SuperTuck in Horsehide is our top selling holster in one of our most popular leather selections. Illinois, comparatively speaking, is not a high humid location.

Our goal is to have the best for our customers by having high quality products and world-class customer service! We strive to make each holster a perfect fit for your concealed weapon. Currently the holster is available for small frame pistols and revolvers in black, brown, or tan for both right and left-handed shooters. The Pro Carry 7 offers a built-in forward Cant, tilting the butt of the weapon forward, allowing for an easy natural draw; specifically molded for your gun ensuring perfect weapon retention. Galco International was founded by Richard N. Galco's horsehide soaked up my sweat just as good as cowhide. $54.

Shop name-brand holsters in every style and color for guns and tasers. You searched for: horsehide holster! Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search. The light colored one in the 1932 Nagant appears to be made from horsehide. Maybe there is a difference between South American materials and what is used here but I for one totally disagree with Garys post. This belt is slightly less than 1/4" thick. They can be worn on the side or up front.

Mika's Pocket Holsters deliver a quick and reliable draw in any situation due to the fact that my holsters are constructed from a moisture resistant material which will keep the inner surface of the holster dry. Crossbreed Holsters is known for quality craftsmanship of its line of holsters. The other consideration that favors the use of cowhide is the issue of comfort. The “grip tip” at the top of the holster clings to the top edge of the pocket, which allows for easy pistol separation. Bruce Nelson's “Professional” is arguably one of the most copied holster designs in the industry (right up there with his “Summer Special” model). In my experience, horsehide holsters are quicker to dry or crack, and most manufacturing processes don't get the kind of contact against the pistol that you will get with good cowhide, resulting in a poorer fit.

Order Today! Bucks Holsters Horsehide Hybrid Iwb Tuckable Holster Rh. Tactical's Outside the Waistband(OWB)and Inside the Waistband (IWB), Kydex Gun Holsters provide comfort while still allowing for adjustable retention and durability with your tactical gear. horsehide synonyms, horsehide pronunciation, horsehide translation, English dictionary definition of horsehide. I use calfskin or goat kid to line some holsters, in an attempt to reduce wear on the finish of the gun, but I make no guarantee about the efficacy of linings in holsters. Product Title PPK . I've had several Kramer Vertical Scabbard belt holsters made of horsehide.

Bear Creek Holsters made in the USA from the great state of Texas. From their premium saddle leather, ballistic nylon, and of course horsehide, to the designs that have made Galco famous, Galco continues to be for those who demand the best and know the difference. Series will be released at the NRA show. Our horsehide belts are constructed with the top layer being horsehide and the foundation leather or liner being 7 - 8 oz. This is a discussion on Horsehide Holsters within the Johnston Gun Leather forums, part of the Vendors category; If you're looking for a high-end, quality holster that wont break the bank, horsehide should be given some consideration. We enjoy creating new things and modernizing old The prices for belt holsters range from $40-$300+.

Find great deals on eBay for horsehide holsters. That is why coloredmhosehide is more expensive not to mention water forming is more challenging. No matter what you’re looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options. The Airgun Show – Hectic daytime rat shoot, PLUS top night hunting shots with Nite Site… - Duration: 22:41. Horsehide holsters will last longer and withstand considerably more abuse than a cowhide counterpart. Leather has an unique ability to adapt.

CZ gun holsters for a variety of the CZ firearms. It seems the nylon belts do a better job of keeping the holster tight against the body. Shoulder Holsters Stylemaster. This holster a real beauty! I've been toting it around in the front pocket of my Levi's all day and I love it. We can make you the perfect custom holster, belt, wallet, or accessory. This IWB holster uses a minimalist design that maximizes comfort and is designed to ideally conceal your P365.

She is sadistic, and she was moving away from grand theory, towards a module or degree of mutual focus of the earth. Our leather belt holsters contain some of the following materials: cowhide, leather or horsehide. To order a holster with this option please call or email. Horsehide usually does have more natural markings than cowhide but this is part of its natural beauty. Mine never did. Scott I have a couple of Kramer horsehide belts and they are nice.

Horsehide leather is perfect for IWB, In the waistband concealed carry holsters that need to withstand consistent outdoor wear and regular contact with moisture from sweat when worn against the body. Customs Holsters. Do you make holsters out of horsehide? I use horsehide for belt loops and reinforcement pieces… but the overall quality of available horsehide has declined recently. Bottom line, HAWG Holsters are 100% made in the USA with pride Browse 197 Fits-Like-a-Glove holsters for 60 Smith & Wesson models designed for IWB, OWB or shoulder carry. You can custom order many Rocky River Leather holsters and gun accessories right from our web site. Using horsehide instead of the traditional leather is one of those little details that Kramer Holsters is known for.

Beyond this cowhide is superior in every way. The year 2010 is something of a banner year for Galco Gunleather, with the company celebrating its 40th anniversary. For example, the SIG P250 pistol might share the same size holster as the SIG Sauer P226 or Glock 22. K. Get the horsehide for better Permeability can be demonstrated with color selection for horsehide vs cowhide holsters. I have a few pocket holsters as this is my primary method of carry, and by far this is the BEST holster I have.

Reinforcement is not needed, but will extend the lifespan of this belt greatly. It's difficult to pick up a publication these days that doesn't contain an article by some expert or other telling us how wonderful horsehide is, how superior it is to cowhide, or how anyone worth his salt shouldn't be seen dead (no pun intended!) with his sidearm in anything but a horsehide holster. We are an Authorized US Distributor for Galco Holsters. Ozarks Holster Company creates high quality, American made holsters by hand every day in southwest Missouri. Dual Layer Horsehide Gunbelts ~ Horween horsehide from Chicago, Il. Crossbreed Holsters broadens its holster inventory, launching new inside the waistband and outside the waistband options for the new Taurus 856 revolver.

The "High Rider" holster is designed to make outside-the-waistband concealment easier. L. This is patently obvious from the many holsters made from hard-rolled horsehide which may be seen just about everywhere, and which give the impression of having been blocked only in passing -- almost, one might say, as an afterthought and with absolutely no attention to detail. I don’t think pigskin in and of itself is sufficiently thick and stiff to provide the needed support. Each of our holsters are handcrafted and initialed after passing our quality assurance inspection! The TheisHolsters Difference. The leather is dyed a rich mahogany color and is embossed with the American Flag.

the holster holds the gun perfectly, and it shows absolutely no print in my front pocket. Kramer makes great custom leather holsters. In the fine leather shoe world horsehide is often reffered to as Cordovan and it's more expensive but is much more wear resistant. The durability of the pieces that I have is impressive. We buy from reputable US tanneries, no imported hides, no junk. Not only is the handgun completely covered and concealed, but the gun carrier can casually place a hand on the holstered/pocketed pistol if a nonspe CrossBreed Holsters come with a selection of backing material which includes Horsehied and Cowhide.

Rusty Sherrick Custom Leather Works -- For all your Custom Concealment Holsters, Magazine Carriers, Dress Gun Belts, Accessories, and Cowboy Gear, all made exclusively from horsehide. I can meet anywhere in the Redmond/Kirkland/Renton triangle. But rest assured all of the back plates are triple sealed to ensure a long service life whether you chose standard Steer hide or Horse hide. 5" RH, BK, Matching, Horsehide. Until the end of the 1930's horsehide was the leather of choice for products that required extreme durability. The horsehide version doesn't soak up heat or moisture as much, and is overall notably more comfortable than the cow version if you're, oh, I don't know, sitting in an un-airconditioned car or van in midsummer heat for 10 hour days on a surveillance, or during even longer days in a suit in Miami heat.

Null Holsters Limited manufactures the finest bench crafted holsters for the discriminating professional. my Kramer horsehide holsters seem to be 'broken in' right from the factory, insofar as retaining the gun and releasing it on demand. Find great deals on eBay for horsehide holster. I went with horsehide, but that's because my lifestyle choices put me in a position where I will likely end up in locations with high humidity. Winthrop Holsters has the best online collection of concealed carry holsters, leather gun belts, concealed carry purses, and magazine holsters. Committed to serving both professionals and enthusiasts, we offer an extensive catalog.

I needed a good concealed carry holster for my Glock 27, so I sprung for They are the best concealed carry holsters I have ever used. 380 6 ROUND Ergonomic Rest NICKEL: Description. Likewise civilians have found Galco holsters to represent the highest quality holsters the industry has to offer. Horsehide is slightly stiffer than cowhide and the flesh side of the holster is a little smoother than cowhide. Horsehide Holsters. Today, Kramer's thriving holster business has an extensive website where you can pick and choose from countless holster designs.

Our custom shop can also build custom Kydex mounts for knives, magazines and flashlights. Lightweight, Rugged and Versatile, L. Holsters & Belts I got an early release of the new Founders Series MiniTuck by CrossBreed. Provided in a natural medium brown finish. Horsehide has a little more of a matte finish compared to cowhide. G.

For this reason, I believe that a holster properly constructed from a premium cowhide is actually going to last longer than a comparable one made of horsehide. The Front Pocket Horsehide Holster is ambidextrous and available in natural finish. I bought it years ago to pocket carry a Glock 30, which was a tad too big for the holster, but the holster is perfect for the Glock 26 and my new Glock 42. That is a big detriment [in my opinion] as well. The Best Outside / Inside The WaistBand Kydex Gun Holster For Your Everyday Carry. It's made with smooth leather inside against the gun for easy release and the rough side out against the pocket, for retention of holster in the pocket.

Check great and honest reviews! Shop Galco Front Pocket Horsehide Holster Ambidextrous - Nat PH460 | 20% Off 5 Star Rating on 6 Reviews for Galco Front Pocket Horsehide Holster Ambidextrous - Nat PH460 Best Rated + Free Shipping over $49. While limiting the carrier to a relatively small handgun, pocket carry offers some unique advantages. The staples of the leather holster materials are cowhide and horsehide, although there are more exotic and luxurious options such as sharkskin, elephant hide, ostrich hide etc. Available in 8/9 oz vegatable tanned Steer hide or 7/8 oz Horsehide in Black or Natural Tan. CrossBreed Holsters®: Concealed Carry Holsters | IWB and OWB Holsters JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Home / Horsehide Holsters Sort By: Most Popular Price (Low to High) Price (High to Low) Alphabetically (A to Z) Alphabetically (Z to A) EXOTIC CON MAGAZINE CARRIER HORSEHIDE ·Thanks for visiting J.

I do not find any real benefit to using horsehide for the body of the holster. Define horsehide. If you live in a hot climate This process creates the same comfort and moisture resistant qualities as our horsehide holsters. com! SAVE BIG on Galco Front Pocket Horsehide Holster Ambidextrous - Nat PH460 or other Holsters from Galco. com I'm a new owner of the XDm 45 ACP 4. Rust was always an issue.

Came from a WW II soviet pilot. Behind the belt clip is a leather spacer to allow […] Cowhide vs. g. Thank you for being a loyal customer of Bear Creek Holsters. A. I carry a full size pistol all day long comfortably.

I have several horsehide holsters made by Ales Nossar from Peru and they are certainly the thinnest, most comfortable rigs I won and they are also highly detailed. YES, there is no question about it, horsehide is more durable than cowhide. Theis horsehide holster - Taking cues from once-underground punk and heavy metal carnival and its excrement res digestae. DeSantis Gunhide desantisholster. The big deal with horsehide in holsters from those in the know is simply that they are able to be formed with thinner leather thus aiding in concealment and comfort and also have better moisture resistance from the salty sweat of the skin than cowhide. If you really want the truth, this is the best write up I have found.

I put in a request for a SnapSlide outside-the-waistband (OWB) holster in natural brown horsehide, as well as a new brown leather gun belt with a silver color roller belt buckle to support it. Sure saved me a lot of typing. Discounts average $9 off with a Crossbreed Holsters promo code or coupon. Gallagher in 1969 as a small family business in Chicago, Illinois. Just like a well-made lined holster, the Concealed Caddy ® is also lined to protect your weapon. Concealed Gun Holsters Are Backed By An Unlimited Lifetime Warranty, 30 Day Money Back and Free Shipping & Handling.

Uncle Mike’s manufactures inexpensive nylon holsters for the SIG Sauer P250 pistol. Greg Kramer tends to be rather fond of the material and chose it for the foundation of his ankle holster design. Pictured here is the TS. For OWB horsehide is fine but may feel tight at first. when I withdraw the LCR, the holster stays in the pocket without any movement. BLACKHAWK® concealment holsters offer a smooth draw, easy re-holster and excellent weapon security, including our patented SERPA Auto Lock technology.

Anyway, that’s just what I notice fwiw. Horsehide Holsters Lucas June 21, 2014 CCW 18 Comments Years ago when I purchased my first Crossbreed Supertuck holster, I had heard from many sources that the horsehide version was the best in hot climates because the horsehide wasn’t as absorbent as cowhide, and because of this it would keep sweat off of your pistol. S. Crossbreed is known to offer both horsehide and cowhide for the IWB Supertuck holsters. The 55BN is an all time Milt Sparks classic and one of our best designs for range work or everyday carry. I used to go through two Galco Royal Guards a year until I found Blade Tech kydex IWB holsters.

The tighter grained horsehide will also not absorb acrylic as readily as cowhide will. CCW Gun Belts Made To Last. Kramer Single Mag Pouch. All of the holsters have a general sizing guideline, and are flexible enough to handle multipel different guns. First founded by Richard Gallagher as the Original Jackass Leather Company in Chicago in 1969, the company specialized in producing the finest hand crafted horsehide holsters. Navy SEAL TEAMS use our horsehide rigs for extended salt water operations.

No story. Imo, you should be fine with cowhide if the majority of the holsters use occurs in Illinois. He swapped it for a cowhide and was perfectly happy. Kramer makes this holster from high-grade horsehide and wraps it in a layer of plastic laminate to enhance the breakup of the holster's outline. Horsehide holster is nicknamed "nature's kydex", and Kramer makes the best horsehide holsters available. Cushioned, Breathable Hybrid Holsters and Versatile Kydex Holsters.

$79. The Concealed Caddy ® is an excellent multi use pistol case. in business since. 060 Kydex. Both are made in natural Horsehide (this upgrade cost me an extra $100) and they are absolutely phenomenal in every way. Inside the Waistband Foxx Hybrid Holster (HORSEHIDE Leather) The Foxx Hybrid Holster is designed for in the waistband concealed carry.

My question is to those that have tried both the cowhide and horsehide. Everything is 100% hand made and sewn. . "Little FoxX" IWB FoxX Hybrid Holster (HORSEHIDE) Proudly Made in the USA! This smaller Hybrid holster is designed for in the waistband concealed carry. Thus, for IWB holsters, horsehide is probably best, for OWB I prefer regular leather. The SnapSlide is a minimalist OWB holster, and uses just enough leather or horsehide to support the Kydex shell.

The rough out exterior grips the pocket, keeping the gun in draw Horsehide used for good holsters, belts and shoes is shell cordovan (mostly from the Horween tannery in Chicago), which is a sub-skin membrane from the hindquarters of the horse (ie, the horse's ass). All Products are Custom Made, not Mass Produced Horsehide is purchased from Horween in Chicago, IL . Find reviews of the Kramer Horsehide Pocket Holster below I have a lot of experience with holsters, but not much with jackets. Each of our holsters are handcrafted and initialed after passing our quality assurance inspection! This hybrid style holster is made from top grade HORSEHIDE and . , the ankle holster). Scroll through and see if something doesn’t catch your eye.

horsehide holsters

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