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No matter what you’re looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options. This type of propellant container allows higher rates of fire and is less likely to catch fire in case of damage from a shell hit. LOT 2 40MM MK. This is an unfired brass cartridge case for the British 20 pounder tank gun (84x618R) fitted to the British Centurion tank in 1948 and was used until it was replaced by the 105mm L7 gun developed in Britain which used the same mountings as the 20 pounder gun, thereby up 14318 WW1 GERMAN FIELD GUN BRASS SHELL CASE FOR 10CM KANONE 1917 and others - 105 x 505mm Rimmed. A lot of filling stations were established during the first world war. prowazekii) are transferred to humans by vectors such as fleas or lice which also get the disease from animals such as rats, opossums, raccoons, cats, and other animals. markings : on the shell case : 18 Pr = 18 Pounder E. This pair shows a broad arrow over 55 mark. Built by H G R Ltd 1915. US Military. .

If its "about the same length as a Bofors 40mm shell, but the calibre is about double that" it could be a 13pdr or 18pdr shell case. Unfollow ww1 artillery shell to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. I am basing that on the proportionally small straight sided case relative to the shell and the fuse on the end. 1 ( Little anchor symbol) HDH I believe that the Anchor symbol is to show that it was a naval Shell, The 5-1944, may be a date of manufacturing, or a vessle number, SMC. Track Page Views With Auctiva's FREE a vase made from a brass shell case. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. 3 small holes drilled in each side for bullet handles which have been removed long ago. Find great deals on eBay for shell ww2. Scarce, The belt and two pouches. WWI Artillery shell help Ask Each Other.

Case Quantity: 6 shells per box, 12 boxes per case (72 total pieces). Well, the text on the pic said it fired a shell of a little over 2 inches,so we could be talking here about a rare Krupp 5,2 cm Schnelladekanone, captured in WW1 from the Kaiserliche Marine and now mobilised by Britain as war approaches. 00. This marking seems to be from the interwar period only, as during WW2 they The Headstamp Trail An Assessment of Small-calibre Ammunition Found in Libya by N. Identifying bullets and cartridge cases As many of us find bullets, cartridge cases and even full cartridges from time to time I thought to write down some things that will hopefully help you to get an identification. This article examines the process of the clearance and burial of the remains of British soldiers from the Great War battlefields; and some of the practical, psychological, social, and political issues that surrounded this. Here I explain how I determined that the artillery shells I have been finding in the river are not dangerous. The iron body of the shell is complete. Who can me tell some particulars at my find Diameter cca 80mm Inscription on the bottom 75 DE C MGM. The smaller of the two seems to be a British shell case.

Jerry. 65. Underneath, the shell casing is dated FEBR 1916, MAGDEBURG SP252 and is hand engraved "SOMME" and "M. Question: The maker and size markings are obscured on my WW1 German helmet. (7) Other equipment. The bags remain in excellent condition showing no cracks or crazing. com/user/aquachigger The lower half is made from a shell case with a Royal Artillery emblem to the front. The largest is tall and the smaller Please help me identify this artillery shell I found. Western In 1898, Franklin W. Hodgkinson.

On the military rifles the nose cap and barrel band are steel but on this civilian model they are just painted on. Find the perfect artillery shell ww1 stock photo. A shell casing may have several different styles of bases (heads). You searched for: artillery shell! Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search. P. Artillery Shells & Projectiles INERT RELIC GERMAN 150mm SHELL CASE AND TWO FUZES. WW1 British 13Pdr 9Cwt Shell Case. NOW OPEN, the Museum spans that very small period in history from 1850 - 1980 in which the technological revolution took place. The gas cape is a ART 1. Rare US 4.

The hospital's In 2006, the historic New Haven, Connecticut rifle and shotgun manufacturing plant was closed. Cartridge Case, Powder Case, Propellant Case or Casing - A metallic container for holding powder charges and usually includes a primer element. Soldiers would have polished and decorated them in their off-duty time and to relieve the boredom of days and months spent in the trenches. Typical shell casing of the 20mm FLAK canon used during all the war. -Other equipment includes canteen, gas mask, gas cape, entrenching tool, and side arms. I thought about trying to sell it, but after reading another thread on here, I think I'll contact the local police department on Monday to detonate it. Skip to main content. L 351st Inf. at the 12 O'clock position reads 75 DEC there is a small mark above the "E" in DEC that is a small chevron with the letter F above it. Cannon Shell Identification Help - British 3 Pounder ? - posted in FIREARMS & ORDNANCE: I picked this up at an auction tonight.

Shell casings are normally described according to the diameter of the mouth in millimeters (mm), the length of the casing in mm, and the design of the rim. This section covers all those items of artillery ammunition, projectiles, cartridge cases and primers. 7cm fieldgun shrapnell shell, French 75mm fieldgun high explosive shell, French 75mm fieldgun shrapnell shell, German 10. The markings also help the users of the shells know what to expect from the artillery shell. More Photos Available On Request. Initially most of the men in the 307th were from western New York, though by the time the unit shipped out in April 1918 the ranks also included men from New J Who can help with details on the German gun using this calibre shell case and a drawing of the shell? PRE 1918 IDENTIFICATION WW1 shell case 77 x 385R - info Hello, I was wondering if any of our members could identify this shell case for me please? Measurements are, mouth diameter = 110mm base diameter = 120mm case height = 92mm Also,is this a correct sized case or has it been cut down? Find shell from a vast selection of Military Collectables. If you have any photos post them here and I may be able to identify it. Condition is Used. This is an apolitical forum for discussions on the Axis nations and related topics hosted by the Axis History Factbook in cooperation with Christian Ankerstjerne’s Panzerworld and Christoph Awender's WW2 day by day. It was fairly good at this under fluid, mobile conditions, but inferior to mortars for static trench warfare.

pot, lida cut down brass shell case with the base of a similar shell case inserted into the top as a lid; cast brass ASC capbadge affixed to side of pot This example of trench art is a more sophisticated version of the standard engraved shell-case, consisting of two shell cases formed into a tobacco jar. E-1496 Very unusual Engineer Compass. For an animated and interactive demonstration of this process see the 3-D Bullet Identification Demo. So the date of your cart case could span a 40 year period. youtube. It is 35mm long. 18BX Recent Updates January 2019: The German, Prussian Field Artillery Harness and Saddles for a Six Horse Team, Saxon 19th Trains Regiment Tunic, Prussian Field Artillery School Tunic,Prussian Mounted Troops Bugle, German Artillery Meteorological Computer 1934 , Additional Work on the 10,5cm lFH 98/09, US WW1 151st Machine Gun BN Overcoat from Pvt. (Previously The Great War and WWII). This was used with all three of the main German 105mm field guns during WW1, along with an earlier 1898 model. The Sp 255 is the Spandau Inspection Mark.

Many of the features which are included in this article can be found in more detailed articles referring exclusively to that subject. From the left to the right, German 7. Headstamp Markings on Ammunition Introduction Last Updated on Mon, 20 May 2019 | Ballistics A cartridge headstamp is a mark, or series of marks impressed, or sometimes embossed, on the head of the cartridge case during its manufacture. Military a ww1 trench art. 1966 dated. The Model 1904 was the first with a modern recoil system, followed by the Model 1914 and finally the Model 1917. com . General History. The 18 should be the year of manufacture. the russian ammunition page - headstamps Please note that these pages are no longer updated and contain partially obsolete data.

$140 : E-1467 WWI period, shoulder bag by Iver Johnson. This was in the J. Good condition overall. One of the many chilling facts that the First New artillery book is now available for immediate shipping! Click here to order or find out more info and see a sample copy. 2 old coins (look like George 1V) have been fastened to the base of each bucket. Codes are listed by number codes, then in alphabetical order from A to Z, followed by a list of suspect codes at the end. More videos on the way! This is similar to one of my older videos showing some of my artillery shells and projectiles, but on this occasion I talk you through each projectile so you have a good The shell body dropped to the ground mostly intact and the bullets continued in an expanding cone shape before striking the ground over an area approximately 250 yards × 30 yards in the case of the US 3 inch shell. Lumsden, US WW1 151st Machine Gun BN Uniform The ships of the Austro-Hungarian squadron which sortied in case the German Goeben and Breslau were to enter the Adriatic. It's rather large (see my foot also in photo) heavy and its marked with 1943 which would tally with my Uncle's story of it being from World War 2. acwrelics@gmail.

It was maintained between the wars and converted to 25pdr during WWII. us is proud to be one of the few wholesale companies offering pattern shells for consumers. Shell casing has been made into vase by adding ring handles. There will often be a date also on the base, but this could have worn over time. It may be the deciding element in the apprehension, trying and conviction of those who commit gun-related crimes. Rarity 8 Shell according to Jack Bell’s Reference Book. View this auction and search for other auctions now on the leading online auction platform. The top shell case of an 18 Pounder pot with lots of markings; the shell case has been used four or five times, the fuze once or twice. A 1943 Dated 3. Description: British military WW1 cavalry bags.

Media in category "World War II artillery ammunition" The following 200 files are in this category, out of 236 total. at East Alton, Illinois, to add to his existing powder manufacturing business. To get an exact answer you’d have to describe the shell(s) you have, the condition they’re in and where you are. Craiglockhart is perhaps the most famous shell-shock hospital. Each shell produces a multi-colored happy face in the sky. $85 : E-1466 Fantastic deluxe hand embroidered stable belt with British an allied flags. WW1 SHELL CASES 1916 TRENCH ART Very interesting piece for a collector or somone who can truly appreciate it. Here is a 3” Schenkl case shot shell recovered from the Gettysburg battlefield. At the beginning of WW1, the normal projectile was an airburst shrapnel shell which was good against troops in the open, however by 1918, this had changed to HE shell as it was more effective against trenches. References: MM2597 – Interpreting Ammunition Markings and Color Codes ()MIL-STD-709C – Military Standard, Ammunition Color Coding – 6 May 1976 (730~ kb PDF)MIL-STD-709C Notice 1– Military Standard, Ammunition Color Coding – 7 February 1980 () Greetings all, I am new to this site, enough small talk, I have a shell much like yours, On the bottom is inscribed 5-1944 S.

Charlie, OK, but remember: you asked! The 307th Field Artillery was part of the 78th (Lightning) Division, formed in August 1917 as part of the new National Army of draftees. The headstamp is marked NYAB 75 DEC, also 303 L 17 M with smaller capital letters DB near to the rim. S. Also measure the lenght of the case etc. No idea of value. Jenzen-Jones A Working Paper of the Small Arms Survey / Security Assessment in North Africa project, with support from the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 54. American Civil War Bullets & Cartridges. STUNNING GERMAN WW1 COMPLETE DESK DISPLAY SET A well made metal desk set consisting of handmade tray and inkwell/stationary pot with ornate backplate design. 1918.

7cm PaK for example, but could not fire an effective HE shell (indeed, these were rarely issued). 405. British 20 Pounder Tank Gun (84x618R) Unfired Brass Cartridge Case. Find great deals on eBay for ww1 shell. £34. It was set up to deal with the epidemic of psychological casualties created in the muddy trenches of the First World War; and, in particular, with the huge increase of casualties following the battle of the Somme in 1916. We strongly encourage the use of good environmental practices when collecting specimens. 10. W. German Militaria WWII - 20mm AA shell casing.

Used in the Centurion tank. Rifle M1903. On the base are the following inscriptions arranged in a circular manner. Military Headwear from many conflicts - German, American, British, Polish and various other historic caps and helmets About the Club The BSCC aims to promote interest in all aspects of conchology and shell collecting and to stimulate an exchange of information and specimens. £285. French "Soisante-quinze" 75mm model 1897 field gun was the most universal weapon of the French artillery during World War I. These replaced the M1910 Garrison Belt set during WW1. GERMAN WW1 TRENCH Art Complete Desk Set Ink Well & Letter Opener Iron Cross EK - $248. Thousands were built and by the end of the war it had become the standard weapon of the United States Army. C.

The sides of the case have small leather riveted strap loops. $75. 42 results for ww1 artillery shell Save ww1 artillery shell to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Late War ribbon bar with Iron Cross 2nd Class, and the Bavarian Verdienst Cross, 3rd Class. 30 Caliber M1 Carbine original sealed 50 round carton of Grenade Launching Cartridges. It is a 75mm shell casing The markings on the bottom read as follows. Carefully observed the battlefields, or bought in militaria flee markets, let me show you a WW1 artillery fuses selection. We just picked up a couple collections of artillery and other relics we are starting to list. B. 75) long.

Supposedly found near the NJ coastline near Ft. 6cm light Minenwerfer shell, German 7. The collection traces the progress of electronic and engineered artefacts including telegraphy, telephony, audio, military and civil communications, warfare, photography, scientific and electrical domestic equipment WW1 trench art French cockerel fluted shell case. Completely inert. This is the number that tells what type of artillery shell it is, what type of device it should be used in and what it should be used for. Typhus fever is a disease that occurs after bacteria (usually Rickettsia typhi or R. Lightly but visable is his name near the top of the brass shell. as per photo, does have a few dinks. For example, the US 37mm casing used in WWII era tank and antitank guns is a 37 x 223R, where R stands for rimmed. The sight functions as it should.

Trench Art - Shell Case by Genuine 1917 piece of "Trench Art" and one other from a later date created to match. SOLD!!! Here we have WW1 items belonging to Thomas Perkins and kept in an old box of GET WELL cards. except the United States of America! Our items are offered for historical, educational, reference, or collecting value only. Please look as pictures and ask any questions you may have always happy to help. this is a pair of usa 75mm brass shell casing's. O 1451 - O 1451 INERT DEACTIVATED. ALL ITEMS ARE TOTALLY INERT AND FREE FROM EXPOSIVES. There is a list of initials used by filling stations in 1918 in Explanatory List of Service Markings to be found on ammunition and ammunition packages in use with the Field Armies. 00 PDF | Mild traumatic brain injury is now claimed to be the signature injury of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. How to Identify Shell Cartridges From WWI A WWI casing will have a case rim, which is essentially the wider base of the cartridge, but no indention above it Before the 1920s UK artillery was divided into "guns" and "howitzers" - guns had fixed ammo and howitzers had separate ammunition.

Bahgallah WW1 Centenary Commemoration & Old Scholars Honor Roll Celebration shared a Page. How can I determine the shell size? Answer: Look at the air-vent lugs. WOULD REDUCE POSTAGE FROM Craven WHERE POSSIBLE IF MORE THAN ONE LOT IS PURCHASED AND POSTED TOGETHER. Describes the artillery ammunition made or used by Germany and it is a very large subject as in addition to their own native artillery they captured and used large numbers of foreign artillery pieces in both World Wars. For more detailed information regarding the Identification of Medical Personnel, please click here. Headstamp Codes. Nor was it easy to upgrade its performance until the development of Littlejohn squeezebore ammunition early in 1943, which was in any case not without problems. The following pages provide an introduction to researching Canadian soldiers of the First World War. Clearing the Dead by Peter E. Basically the same case as the French 75.

The bayonet stowed in the rifle's forestock. 117 Items This lot consists of 6 our of the case boxes of Peters Rustless 30-06 ball cartridges. A valuable reference on French helmets is the Uniformes journal, "Le Casque Français 1915 - 1945". Firearm examiners will examine the entire bullet for striations that agree with the standards. Used in WW1 to describe top-secret operations. "This is the standard case used with all the post-WW1 U. most commonly found in the Sherman tank. 427 In Stock This article has been produced to offer a brief overview of the Medical Department during the Second World War. guns built before the end of WW1 and 36 Trench Art Antique & Collectable: Looking for Trench art is a form of folk art made by soldiers. Discover for each of them several commented pictures, and a description based on the principles exposed in the previous pages.

The power and large amount of dark smoke given off by big shell explosions were reminiscent of black Heavyweight boxing champion Jack Johnson. See TODAY's Brass Shell Casings for SALE, BEST OFFER and Auction; plus Expert Appraisal/Valuation, FREE sales advice and brokerage services, FREE sale prices, values, wish list and more - FIND 150+ Specialist categories | Bath Antiques Online - Buy, Sell & Value! Artillery shell identification Help To ID My Finds. 2 MOD. After using a M1898 Krag rifle to break his opponent's M1903 bayonet, President Theodore Roosevelt ordered that a proper bayonet be designed and fitted to the M1903. It is hard to tell without a sense of scale, my first guess is an HE round from a US 75MM M3 cannon. No need to register, buy now! Lethal relics from WW1 are still emerging Nearly 100 years have passed since the end of the First World War, but its legacy lingers. Fuse and case shot balls are gone. Hello I need help to identify a shell casing. Excellent near mint condition with a perfect inside. In WW1 the Shell and Flame were used on bayonets as a Ordnance / US Property mark.

M. Sympathetic nickname for German soldiers by Allies. The base of one case forms the lid. 5 cm shell case dated 1918 I’m great condition is used, unsure of age or use will be sent royal mail 1st class. In the former battlefields of the Western Front farmers are The M1916 37mm gun was developed by the French and used primarily by French and American forces in WWI for destroying machine gun emplacements. 4 HANDBOOK ON GERMAN ARMY IDENTIFICATION haversack (Rucksack) in the case of mountain troops. Identifying shell casings is a crucial step in many fire-arm related scenarios. It is contained in its original leather case with hinged lid, The cases’ buckle is absent but its fastening strap is present . 7 inch (94mm) Case. The matchstriker is to the front o The case manufacturer's code letter or numeral was placed in the 6 o' clock position and the two digit percentage of copper in the case's brass (usually 67 for 7,9mm Mauser) was placed at the 9 o'clock position.

on hold Amazing Antique trench Art ww1 shell 1916 is available on HiBid. Case mouth in excellent condition. Size 14" by 5 1/2 with TRENCH ART BY SOLDIER 37MM COMPLETE ROUND INERT WITH IDENTIFICATION: This one is not the prettiest or win a blue ribbon, BUT this one was done by this soldier and has a ribbon with the word "FRANCE" around it and the dated 1918-1919. In any case, I haven't seen the lamp for nearly 20 years. Not all bullet identifications are like those seen in the above image. If it’s the projectile part of the shell, unless it’s been disarmed it’s worth nothing and would be extremely dangerous to have anywhe I'm looking for some information on a shell I was left by my great uncle when he passed away in 2001, see picture attached. It has a number of markings on it, on the base, See these pics. Shoulder strap is salvaged British. He picked up the shell at a tag sale sometime in the '70s and was never certain what it was because at some point in its history somebody had polished off the casing and did some engraving on it--there are no markings or S/Ns anywhere on it. This is a piece of our history! $145.

An iconic symbol of war, the Brodie was the first combat helmet to be specifically designed and engineered for Western Front battlefield conditions – and its legacy extends to the composite material military hard hats worn by today's fighting forces. ALL ITEMS ARE 100% LEGAL TO OWN AND DISPLAY. $250: T-986 Collection of eight 26TH Division Welcome Home Buttons. The purpose of this study is to provide a quick reference for the identification of the basic uniforms, accoutrements and small arms used by the American soldier from the period of the American Revolution to the operations in Iraq and Afghanistan all in one source, rather than in seven or eight different books or websites. I believe this is the manufacturer's mark. There was no provision for this training rifle to have a bayonet mounting stud. The shell case in question is 75mm (3") diameter at the open end and 350mm (13. Rod bayonet for use on the . It has a slightly wider case (see item 494-17). Learn More » DISCLAIMER: Military Antiques Museum has no sympathies with any past or present parties or military regimes.

2. £50. Please, I am no authority on this so someone else needs to chime in. During World War I, shell shock came to occupy a similar position of prominence Trenchart : A pair of WW1 German 77mm Artillery Shell cases, decorated ' 1914 Yser ' and ' 1918 Ypres ', the primer rims marked Patronenfabrik Karlsruhe 1907 and Haniel Luege 1918 respectively. $125 INERT ORDNANCE - SHELLS & AMMUNITION WW1 German 21cm Howitzer Brass Case Large Brass Artillery Shell Cases Left. Olin established Western Cartridge Co. See pic of the trench art. $140: T-984 WWI 38TH Infantry, "Rock of the Marne", 3RD Division Pillow Shaw. The 18pdr Field Artillery piece and it's associated ammunition is WW1 era. CO J.

The science of ballistics is perhaps one of the most important in contemporary law enforcement. Their identification is passionating. Hello, I was wondering if any of our members could identify this shell case for me please? Measurements are, mouth diameter = 110mm base diameter = 120mm case height = 92mm Also,is this a correct sized case or has it been cut down? Help wanted in identifying WWI Cartridge Case will help identify a large shell case that I recently came across. No need to register, buy now! INERT DEACTIVATED. Also the vehicle configuration reminds me of a naval landing gun set up. 75 DEC MAM^109L^17Sg The ^ marks are in fact positioned on the base line and are small triangular symbols. Artillery Shell Identification It is hollow, about 74mm in diameter (pitted so could have been 75mm), 275mm tall with the sabot (no fuse) and 235mm not including the sabot. I have it tentatively identified as a British 3 Pounder shell but Im not positive. 16 German WWII Afrika Korps DAK double decal M-35 Luftwaffe camo helmet. 30–03 caliber U.

Hancock Sandy Hook. Due to the extreme challenges of producing pattern shells, Fireworks. INTERPRETING AMMUNITION MARKINGS AND COLOR CODES SUBCOURSE MM2597 Edition 6 United States Army Combined Arms Support Command Fort Lee, Virginia 23801-1809 2 Credit Hours CONTENTS INTRODUCTION AMMUNITION MARKINGS AND COLOR CODES (Tasks 093-400-1100 through 093-400-1109), 1 Interpreting Ammunition Markings, 1 Stock Numbers, 1. Nice condition. On the barrels of the Model 1903 and Model 1917 rifles it apparently served both as a Property and possibly an Inspection mark, although the final Inspection was stamped in the stock with the Inspector's initials. M. The effect was of a large shotgun blast just in front of and above the target, and was deadly against troops in the open. RL stands for the Royal Laboratories Woolwich Arsenal. A very similar cartridge is often confused with the Becker; this is for the German Ehrhardt, which entered production by the end of WW1 but did not make it into service. Browse FREE Brass Shell Casings Price/Value Guide - Appraisals, Valuations & FREE Sale Advice.

There are two different types of typhus fever, endemic (or murine typhus) and epidemic. The letters at the top appear to be B &S but could be something else. Order (304) 886-8200. The top number or label near the top of the artillery shell signifies the caliber of the shell. While it isn’t foolproof, often the easiest way to identify a cartridge is to look at the headstamp, if there is one, because in many instances that will tell you exactly what it is. Austro-Hungarian Attacks on the Otranto Barrage A table listing the various attacks by the Austro-Hungarian Navy against the net/mine barrier intended to stop the egress of U-boats from the Adriatic. Made by lake City Ordnance Plant and cartridges dated 1943, these 50 round cartons of M6 Grenade Launching cartridges were replaced by the Smaller 6 round carton to save these cartridges from being lost and thrown away because of the large capacity boxes. By 1914, the National Hospital for the Paralysed and Epileptic had gained an international reputation for the treatment of neurological disorders and neurosurgery, 38 so it was scarcely surprising that severe or challenging military cases were referred there from France. 20x72RB MJLmilitaria specialises in WW1 Ordinance with Shells, Mortars, Rifle Grenades and Hand Grenades from all nationalities and rarities. T-987 Rare Trench Art shell for the 213TH Pursuit Squadron.

Shop with confidence. The following useful reference document is an extract from The Medical Department of the United States in the World War, Volume XIV, Medical Aspects of Gas Warfare. World War I pitted Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire against Great Britain, the United States, France, Russia, Italy and Japan. Figueroa collection and I believe is published in the 1996 Tropical headgear book. German ww1 artillery shell case #0 . 00 How the British artillery developed and became a war-winning factor in 1914-1918 Posted By: Chris Baker 24th July 2015 Noted WW1 historian John Terraine said in his excellent White Heat – the new warfare 1914-18 , “The war of 1914-18 was an artillery war: artillery was the battle-winner, artillery was what caused the greatest loss of life Size of Artillery Shell - posted in MISC MILITARIA: What is the size of the artillery shell that measures 4 1/4 inch at the bottom. 4″ Schenkl Long Shell with perfect Naval Percussion Fuse. We have finally decided to quit using the McKee & Mason book to reference our bullets. 7cm fieldgun high explosive shell, German 7. russianammo.

83 fuze. The maker is almost always identified. As well as the solid AP shot shown, an HE shell with a very prominent plunger-type nose fuze may be found. Get great deals on eBay! Who can help with details on the German gun using this calibre shell case and a drawing of the shell? PRE 1918 IDENTIFICATION WW1 shell case 77 x 385R - info WW1 Shell Case, 4. Ok best I can give you at this point is that it is a German WW1 shell case made by Spandau, Karlsruhe. For comprehensive and up to date information, please refer to my new book "Soviet Cannon" at www. Stitching is popped on back side of case. Since they were designed to support the brow plate (which was made only in one size) the base of each of the opposing lugs must be the same distance from the other. Brass . The National Hospital: Neurologists Encounter Shell Shock.

R. It gives an authoritative account of the classification of the various poison gases used during the war and describes how they exerted their effects and were delivered in action. B. When appropriate, links to further resources will be offered to supplement the treatment given in these pages. Metal casings from bullets and mortar shells were cut and decorated to form useful objects, such as vases. The last two digits of year of production was placed at the 3 o'clock position. WW1 Trench Art Brass Shell Case Antique Lamps Guerre & Paix (War/Peace) 1914-19 . This is an important manual designed to assist A. . Original, very good condition marked 105mm TK, RW303.

(previous page) () You searched for: ww1 artillery shell! Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search. 5 inch Howitzer dated 1916 Illustrations and photographs contained in the catalogue or elsewhere of any lots are for identification purposes German steel made flak 88 shell case dated 1942 with waffen stamp for the SK C/30 naval gun used on ships,uboats and coastal defence from the battle fields of Finland Find a brass shell on Gumtree, the #1 site for Stuff for Sale classifieds ads in the UK. 75 mm artillery shell. A French World War 1 trench art shell vase with a rooster and rising sun decor. Post War mini Lapel ribbon bar with Iron Cross 2nd Class, and 1914-1918 Cross with swords, all veterans received this medal, those who served on the front lines received the crossed swords. Big size 68 shell 61 liner. = E. This presumably means that some enterprising local in France or Belgium, found a live 18pr cartridge, levered the shell off the case containing a big bundle of 93 year old cordite, to then sell the case for €10! Paul The Smaller Case. The haversack is also made of canvas, but is of nonrigid construction. artillery shell NO DAMAGE.

EJ. World War I Antique & Collectable: Looking for World War I and World War II souvenirs are collected today. Jack Johnson: Large artillery shell. In the interim it broke, but the shell remained. Case has a nice rectangular catch and is in very good condition both box and medal near excellent and absolutely originals. Brand New ww1 shell case Any further questions please feel free to email me Thanks for looking and please have a look in my Ebay shop for even more items Payment required within 7 days of purchase please. Ranges for a 6-PDR. W. Bob; you might be correct with that, but what I was referring to was that the 2nd case is unfired; the primer is intact. While a great book in its time (1970-1980), it As in wars prior, artillery in World War 1 (The Great War) was a prerequisite for battlefield success.

DISCLAIMER: Military Antiques Museum has no sympathies with any past or present parties or military regimes. 75 MM shell, full size. It was my grandmothers and been handed down. org . The 2 pdr was a good hole-puncher for the period, outclassing the German 3. Artillery proved the number one threat to infantry and tanks alike and came in several light, medium and heavy forms. Battlefield recoveries of this shell are noted in coastal areas and along rivers in North and South Carolina as well as Virginia. Now for the guess part, the thing you think is a "b" is there any chance that it could be a "%" to identify shells many had there %Cu (Copper) stamped on them and the 96 at the top I suspect is the Cartridge identification is important to anyone who works with ammunition cartridges, whether it’s reloading or collecting. The difference between an M23 and M26 can observed from the lining, which is very much in the 2nd Type M1915 style, with split pin attachment rather than shell rivets. The intention of war is to kill, to maim and to destroy using, for example, the agency of 18-pounder artillery shells (so-called because they weighed 18 pounds).

inert ww1 british 60pdr shell head with no. Would look amazing polished up or as is if you prefer the look. During the American Civil War more varieties of artillery projectiles and cannon were used than in any other time in military history. Axis History Forum. The steel casing shows an A and what appears to be an exploding shell. Be careful not to store anything that includes live ammunition. Andrieu 43e Tl". WW one trench art shell very rare Elaborate hard to see marking on it but have another one that came in with this one Marked 1917 . Polished brass shell cases such as these were, and still are, found in many homes, often used as receptacles for fire irons. The BSCC was founded in 1972 and we held our first exhibition in 1976.

https://www. Bliss and Co. 675mm High. *Note 1- Headstamps often contain multiple pieces of information. Caliber. Complete with primer which is frequently removed from shell casings for some mysterious reason. October 7, 2017 · A DVD was made of the day anyone wishing to purchase a copy can do so by contacting Gary Smith on the following. The other two images are of the bases. The case which came with my 75 shell is not too good so I searched the workshop and came across a case which I obtained on the Somme some years ago which is in better condition. WW1 German soldier recalls moment he bayoneted foe to death A series of previously unseen interviews with First World War veterans are to be made available online via the BBC iPlayer from next WW1 US Model 1917 Garrison belt with the two web 30/06 clip pouches as issued to US troops for garrison duty around army post during WW1.

3 inch guns, both in wheeled "Field Artillery" applications and also when mounted as the main gun in the M3 Grant/Lee and M4 Sherman tanks. I found this artillery shell partially buried behind a garage at one of my father-in-laws apt buildings. A good source for First World War British munitions is the Explanatory List of Service Markings (1918), produced by the Royal Arsenal, Woolwich. 3” SCHENKL CASE SHOT SHELL FROM THE CULP FARM, GETTYSBURG – GEISELMAN COLLECTION. History of Winchester firearms from Save Winchester organization. The rear of the case is impressed with model designation & manufacturer detail together with 1944 date. Excellent, The case has a white satin lining to the lid and a white velvet base on which the cross sits . In… (224-416). WW2 . World War I artillery ammunition in Italy‎ (2 C, 5 F) Media in category "World War I artillery ammunition" The following 200 files are in this category, out of 251 total.

RELIC WW1 FRENCH 120mm SHRAPNEL SHELL BASE WITH BALLS. Research is "Adrian Wyant Co. 5cm howitzer cartridge case (separated propelling charge). Item No. New military technology resulted in unprecedented Tables for Cannon & Artillery Projectiles I nformation obtained from The Confederate Ordnance Manual pages 367-369 and The Artillerist Manual pages 455-462. S 1-PDR LOT 8 ww1 artillery fuses inert relic german 150mm shell case and two fuzes. Not seen one before that has been flared up like this one. WW1 shell cases Image ID FOT1200694 Caption WW1 shell cases Rights RM Rights Managed Photographer David Clifton Harding Dimensions 4937 x 3292 px Keywords WW1 war WWII EARLY ISSUE METAL FLAT TOP PURPLE HEART PRESENTATION ISSUE CASE: This is a near MINT example of a early WWII Purple Heart case with the steel construction and the flatter top as they changed to the domed ones and non metallic later on. Note that there will be more than artillery, bullets and fuses listed. Specifically, from the Culp Farm.

and 12-PDR. Updated April 27, 2019 . they are dated 1916 and 1917. The box has a good textured finish with an IC to the centre of the lid. this is a great tan tropical camouflage Africa or Italian campaign. ww1 shell case identification

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